Thursday, December 1, 2011


           We use 'What' to ask about actions and things.              

e.g.  What are you doing?  I am doing my homework.
e.g.  What is it?  It is a dog.

         We use 'Who' when we ask about people.

e.g.  Who is playing?  John is  playing.
e.g.  Who lives with you?  My mother lives with me.

  • Whose
       We also use 'Whose" when we ask about possession. It must be
        placed before a noun.

e.g. Whose tie is it?   It is John's.
e.g. Whose book is this?   It belongs to Mary.

  • Where
          We use 'Where' to ask about places.

e.g. Where  is  Peter?   He is at home.
e.g. Where are you going?   I am going to the Ocean Park.

  • When
         We use 'When' to ask about times and dates.

e.g. When do you wake up?  I wake up at seven o'clock.
e.g. When is your birthday?  It's on 6th of January.

  • How 
       We use 'How' to ask "in what way".

e.g. How are you?   Fine, thank you.
e.g. How do you come to school?   I come to school on foot.

  • Why
       We use 'Why' to ask about the reason for something.

e.g. Why is Mary late?   Because she missed the bus.
e.g. Why is John crying?   Because he lost his school bag.

  • How old
         We use ' How old' to ask about someone's age.

e.g.  How old is your sister?   She is nine years old.

  • How many
      We use 'How many' with a plural noun to ask about numbers.

e.g. How many pupils are there?   There are thirty pupils..
e.g. How many apples did you buy?   I bought ten apples.

  • How much
       We use 'How much' to ask about the price of something.
       We also use 'How much' with an uncountable noun to ask about the
        amount of  something.

e.g. How much is it?   It is twenty dollars.
e.g. How much milk is there in the fridge?  There is one bottle of milk.

  • How long
       We use 'How long' to ask about measurement.
       We also use 'How long' to ask about the length of time.

e.g. How long is the ruler?  It's 20cm long.
e.g. How long do you take to go to school?   It takes 10 minutes.

  • How far
       We use 'How far' to ask about the distance from one place to another.

e.g.  How far is it from home to school?  It's about 2 km.
e.g.  How far is Japan from Hong Kong?  It's about 1300km.

  • How often
      We use 'How often' to ask about the number of times something

e.g.  How often do you play piano?   I play piano three times a week.
e.g.  How often does Peter watch films?   He sometimes watches films.

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